1. People oriented is the core element of talent construction.

The company attaches great importance to the self growth and development needs of employees. It not only provides basic material security and working environment, but also provides higher-level care, respect and recognition, and helps realize self-worth. From the moment employees choose us, we focus on the design of on-the-job training plan and career development channel. By setting different milestones, we guide and help employees to achieve their individual phased goals and enjoy continuous spiritual and material incentives while completing R & D tasks.

2. Jobs are the best learning opportunities for employees.

The severity of laws and regulations and the difficulty of technology in the biopharmaceutical industry determine that if you want to become a truly excellent talent, you must invest enough energy in learning and specialized research. We always believe that practical exercises at work are the most effective way for employees to grow. We encourage employees to actively expand their professional skills and improve their ability to think independently and solve problems in combination with their personal interests and abilities. Through the implementation of "post competition" and "post rotation system", the company provides new jobs and learning opportunities for employees, fully tap their potential and promote their diversified development; Through perfect promotion mechanism and employment evaluation system, provide employees with career development channels suitable for themselves, so as to promote the common development of individuals and enterprises.